About Us

I am an educator with a passion for e-learning. Even before the global shift to online platforms for learning, I had been consistently adapting my education platforms to online resources. With the ever evolving nature of how we learn and acquire knowledge, there is need to adapt.

I started this site to provide information to people interested in wanting to get into health care but not so sure where to start from. This information is widely available on the internet, but sometimes we just need a little help navigating in the direction that is most relevant to us. It is very easy to get bogged down with all the available material online and with the ever increasing number of higher learning institutions offering medicine and other health related degrees, it is very important that you make the right decisions that will be best for you and ultimately, complete your studies and start working.

Having trouble looking for resources to use when thinking of starting a career in the health sector? This site answers some of the most common frequently asked questions relating to getting into medical school, thriving there and ultimately finding your place in the “macrocosm” that is healthcare. It also provides a wide selection of resources that can be used for easy reference such as apps, study tools, revision maps, and memory-aids as well as useful links to other resources.

Being an aspiring developer, I also have a passion for building apps that aim to make time consuming and repetitive tasks such as studying and reading more interactive and enjoyable. I addition to the apps that are developed in-house, I also will be providing reviews of apps that are useful to people interested In enhancing their productivity and making mundane tasks more exciting.

I am also an avid traveler and will be also providing different stories coming out of these places in relation to education as well as comparisons between them.

Traversing medical school is a long and arduous journey, but equipped with the right tools, and strategies, the journey is a lot more enjoyable. No two people can share the same experience in this journey and what I am hoping to achieve with this website is to allow people to explore, discover and truly understand what resources and strategies are best for their individual circumstances.

Borders are no longer an impediment to connecting with people with the sharing the same stoires. I am willing to hear from you as well as sharing your experiences relating to your journey through our contact page. I am also available on the multiple social networks including facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube and twitch so don’t hesitate to send us a DM, like our page or subscribe to our channel and alerts. 

Feel free to support this resource anyway you can and we also can receive donations at our crypto address nockylogic.wallet

If this is your first step in trying to get a medical education, I am hoping this resource will provide you with all the knowledge and insight you need to make an informed and educated decision that will ultimately pay off in future.

Always looking ahead.

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