Welcome to our website, an eclectic mix of technology, lifestyle and education.  If you are looking for more information on getting into a medical career, you have come to the right place. We answer some of the most common frequently asked questions relating to getting into medical school, thriving there and ultimately finding your place in the macrocosm that is healthcare.

We also have a wide selection of resources that can can be used for easy reference such as apps, study tools, revision maps, and memory-aids as wel as useful links to other resources.

Traversing medical school is a long and arduous journey, but equipped with the right tools,and strategies, the journey is a lot more enjoyable.

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We have an array of posts tackling issues relating to starting and excelling in medical school. Whether you are trying to find out the minimum requirements to get into med school, or its looking for the best textbooks to supplement your studies, the numerous posts on these topics on our site will guide you through this wide range of subjects.

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Apart from the apps developed in-house by us, we review and recommend apps that are helpful and useful for making your journey through medical school that much easier. Several apps are made on a daily basis and even more are available on the web so we take out the laborious task of trawling the web for the best and apt apps for you.

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No longer will you have to trawl the markets and shops for that perfect stethoscope or that exact tuning fork that you really want. We review a small selection of these accessories so that you get the best review on these items allowing you to make an even more informed decision when choosing what exactly you want. Well selected accessories are a must.

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The Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) in a memo dated 28th April 2022 announced the resumption of licensure exams for newly graduated health professionals. …


Surgery is a very rewarding specialty in medicine combining manual dexterity and deep understanding of advanced anatomy and physiology to ensure the best outcomes for …


The so-called ‘special operation’ in Ukraine has had far reaching effects both regionally and globally. One of the areas affected that may not be well …

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Top 5 Medical Doctors on Youtube Several medical doctors have found a niche on YouTube providing various content covering a wide selection of topics not …

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1.      Increase knowledge Medicine is ever evolving with several developments leading to its improvement. These may be incremental improvements such as the gradual development of …

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Medical school is very challenging with a vast of knowledge to be learned in a relatively limited amount of time. In addition, there are several …

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Medicine is a very dynamic science with a vast amount of knowledge that needs to be understood. Textbooks and other traditional resources have long been …

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TOP BEST INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE MEDICINE SCHOLARSHIPS Medical education is one of the longest and most expensive types of university education with some courses going for …

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Top two most useful cost saving online services for college students Being a college or university student can leave you out of pocket due to …

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Top Ranked Medical Schools in Zambia   The medical education industry in Zambia has seen a major boom in the last 10 years with more …

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