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1. Clinical Medicine Test

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Burn Fluid Calculator

2. Burn Fluid Calculator

The Burn Fluid Calculator is used to calculate the quantity of fluid needed for victims of burns to ensure they remain hemodynamically stable. The app has two formulas used for calculating the necessary fluids.
1. The Muir and Barclay Formula estimates the amount of fluid that needs to be infused during the first 36 hours after a major burn.
The volume for each aliqout for a specific period is calculated using the following formula: (weight in kilograms multiplied by the percentage total body surface area of the burn) divided by two.

Each infusion volume is given as follows:

first 12 hours – 3 infusions at 4 hour intervals
second 12 hours – 2 infusions at 6 hour intervals
third 12 hours – 1 infusion

2. The Parkland formula is used to calculate fluid requirements for a 24 hour period. The formula used is as follows:

4ml x TBSA (%) x body weight (kg);
50% given in first eight hours;
50% given in next 16 hours.
Maintenance fluids should also be given to make up for insensible losses. Urine output is used to measure the effectiveness of fluid resuscitation

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