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Top 5 Medical Doctors on YouTube

Top 5 Medical Doctors on Youtube

Several medical doctors have found a niche on YouTube providing various content covering a wide selection of topics not limited to their medical practice. Here is a list of some of the best medical doctors on YouTube.

1.    Chubbyemu

This channel was set up by American physician with a unique take on serialized case reports. It is one of the most popular medical channels on YouTube with the content being accessible and easy to follow even for the uninitiated.

The channel was originally established on September 26, 2015, with the original content being about Bernard Hsu’s personal journey and setting up the channel but is now focused on medical case reports presented in short well edited videos.

Most of the cases involve some form of extreme habit or excess that results in hospitalization. Most videos serve as a case in point to exercise moderation to avoid adverse health outcomes whilst others demonstrate the difficulties even with the advent of modern medicine, hospitals have to diagnose rare conditions.

2.    Medlife Crisis

This is one of the most underrated YouTube channels that was set up on March 8, 2015. It was created by Dr Rohin Francis, a consultant cardiologist based in the United Kingdom that delves into several topics in medicine ranging from ethics, research, COVID, pseudoscience amongst others.

It also provides a tongue in cheek presentation of case reports both historic and contemporary that is a welcome divergence from the dour content generally found on YouTube. The videos are presented with a certain level of subtle sarcasm that is really hard to not laugh at.

The clinical vignettes are thoroughly researched and the attention to detail is unparalleled in the medical YouTube sphere. Although not as polished as some of the entries on this list, it does make a decent shout for its inclusion.

3.    Doctor Mike Hansen

A relatively newer channel, the channel deals with very serious topics very seriously. Established in Joined Oct 3, 2018 by Dr Mike Hansen who is a board-certified internist, pulmonologist and critical care physician. It has seen a massive boom, mainly due to more people wanting more information on COVID 19.

This is one of the few channels that has fact-checked data  being presented in a very informative and authoritative style. Whilst watching, at no point in the video will you feel being misled as Dr Hansen exudes the confidence and also a deep understanding of the various topics he presents.

Although still sub 1 million subscribers, it is one to watch out for t break the I million mark.

4.    Doctor Mike

This is a monster channel run by Youtube’s answer to McDreamy Dr. Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski D.O. Do not be fooled by his good looks, Dr Mike is a board-certified Family physician and a certified YouTube star.

Set up in Aug 19, 2016, this channel is a true embodiment of YouTube with reaction videos, explainer videos, high profile interviews and ask me anything videos, day in the life of videos and all the other common fodder on YouTube but with a medical twist.

The content although not deep as it is tailored to the masses, it is still an entertaining and watchable channel.

5.    Ali Abdaal

This channel is one of the fastest growing medical channels on YouTube tht literally has very little to do with medicine anymore. Established by the Cambridge train medical doctor Ali Abdaal, what started as a channel to help medical students do better in their exams as well as a showcase for Dr Abdaal’s editing skills, it has gradually grown to incorporate several facets of his character that have led to it meteoric rise.

An internet entrepreneur and self-styled productivity guru (Although he really dislikes this title), this channel covers everything from wellness to passive income streams as well as the occasional medical related video but these being posted even more infrequently.

The channel brings a new spin to self help with its motivational content being able to inspire even the worst procrastinators. Definitely a channel to watch, like and subscribe.

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