5 Best Things You Need Before Starting Medical School

 Medical school requirements have been carefully listed in this article to give you that much needed head start when getting into medical school. Starting medical school is a daunting task with its fair share of anxiety and uncertainty but with the right tools at your side you will be able to easily make your way through this long journey.

  1. Medical Dictionary

To start things off it is important to understand that once you have selected a medical school, you will introduce you to a whole new lexicon which you are expected to know and use to effectively communicate with your peers.

A good medical dictionary will present these new terms with ease in a well written and uncluttered format. And don’t let anyone fool you, the ones with the pictures are just as good especially if are starting out in the healthcare training. One of the best medical dictionaries on the market is Dorland’s Medical Dictionary.

  1. Stethoscope

A good stethoscope is an asset in the hands of a healthcare worker and it can be the difference between clinching that diagnosis and completely missing obvious signs of disease. In the real world sense, this could be catastrophic so investing in a good quality stethoscope early on is well worth it. Bear in mind that they have been known to ‘grow legs’ like the pens, so getting a name tag or having it engraved will be a plus.

Of course, what is found in between the stethoscope earpieces is important but you can never go wrong with a good quality stethoscope

  1. Lab Coat

The clinical area can serve up some really messy situations so having a cool, crisp clean lab coat to protect your garments is well recommended.

They come in many forms and materials with some people preferring long sleeved coats whilst others prefer them short. Honestly, see what your school says about the guidelines on lab coats and follow these as a guide to choose the best one for you. 

  1. A tablet

This is definitely one of those things that some people will debate about but with modernization it is important to move with the times. Gone are the days when you would need to assemble a physical library of epic proportions. With the power of a tablet, you will save on space and be able to carry as many of the digital books as your tablet can accommodate without having the unnecessary burden of heavy books to worry about.

A phone is good but a tablet allows for much easier reading and interaction with the additional screen real estate. Of course, nothing will ever replace the smell of a brand new book bought from the book store so a few of these are definitely welcome. Whether you choose an android tablet or an ipad solely lies entirely with you and your preferred ecosystem.

  1. Scrubs

A good set of scrubs are something every medical professional and student needs. Sacrificing your regular clothing is not necessary and with the addition of hospital acquired infections it’s always best to have something that is easily identifiable as medical attire.

A comfortable set should be good enough to last you though a rigorous theater list or call and in addition to comfortable well-fitting shoes, will make medical school that much bearable.

This list is by no means exhaustive but gives a rough guide as to what to prepare before making the transition from regular student to medical student.

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