Top two most useful cost saving online services for college students

Being a college or university student can leave you out of pocket due to the expensive fees associated with tuition and the large amounts of money you need for upkeep. Even with a good scholarship or an endowment fund, it always makes sense to save a few cents wherever you can. For this reason, several companies offer student discounts and reduced rates for college students. These range from clothing, transport, food, and books. This article highlights two of some of the best services online that can help college students save a few bucks.

Student choice 1: Amazon student Prime

One of the most widely used services that provides efficient shipping on almost every item on the planet is Amazon prime. Thankfully for college students, there is a student Prime option that allows for as long as  6 months as a trial period before you even need to pay which gives you enough time to  assess it and see if its something that will be useful for you.

Having used it during my student years, I was able to realize the benefit of it, and it is something I still use even now because of its convenience and the sheer number of benefits and addons. Having the ability to have any item shipped to you in one to two days is something magical especially if its needed for an urgent assignment or to help you finish up an important task.

Also, access to Amazon musicprime video streaming service that can give Netflix a run for its money and especially for my fellow gamers out there, Prime gaming that gives you premium access to the former twitch prime with numerous bonus content, DLCs, skins, battlepasses and a whole lot more gaming content. It is something worth considering especially if you are into a lot of freebies, which is practically everyone.

Student Choice 2: UNIDAYS


The next online service that every student has to be signed up to is UNIDAYS.  This is a service that aggregates several student discounts from a variety of stores allowing you not to miss out on any discount. The numerous discounts out there availed to students are very easy to miss and having all of these in one place allows one to focus on the more important things in life… like the actual experience of shopping at cut rate prices and unboxing or enjoying whatever you have purchased at cut prices.

UNIDAYS does two things for you, it categorizes all the deals according to specific sections such as technology, food, health and fashion and pushes the best deals to you whilst allowing you to go through all the deals they have accumulated on their site. It also removes the hassle of having to trawl all those sites to look for student deals and for a student, time is a limited and precious resource.

The website is a good site to look for substantial discounts such as clothes and jewelry and even on traditionally expensive items like electronics. There is definitely something for everyone, but it is definitely a hit with the youthful generation due to its aesthetic and fashionable lineup. The discounts range from 5% to a whopping 50-60% in some cases translating to more money in your coffers.

An additional plus for the site is that it has a mobile app that allows for discounts to be accessible even when you are on the move and do not have access to computer. Apps are just more intuitive and user-friendly on mobile devices than websites and this definitely enhances the shopping experience.

For eligible countries, this site is absolutely amazing with the number of discounts with even the “hallowed” Apple products featuring amongst the available discounts and is definitely up there with the other services available to students.

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